Mark Lynskey


I have recently completed a Bachelor of Computing Systems at the Eastern Institute of Technology, and I will be a software development graduate in 2020. Previously I have worked in web developement and graphic design, both in-house and as a freelancer.

What I do

Web Development

Web Development

I have several year's experience as a web developer, both in-house and as a contractor. I build websites from scratch using an appropriate CMS or a custom solution, or work with existing websites and web applications to add functionality.

Web Development


I have an excellent knowledge of software development processes including systems analysis, UI/UX design, waterfall and agile methodologies, UML modeling, and coding. I have developed applications using C#, Java, Golang, and Python.

Web Development

Machine Learning

This year I have been getting into Machine Learning and AI applications. In addition to studying it at EIT, I am also learing online via the Nvidia Developer program. The tools used are Python, Numpy, PyTorch, SickitLearn, Tensorflow, Digits, and more.


UX Design

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Mark Lynskey

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